13325443_813654465433548_2571602020488322852_nTom Friedman claims America needs to dump the G.O.P for a grand new [center-right] party to ensure market-based solutions for America’s problems, “Trump will never be a credible messenger for those values.”

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Occupy DemocratsTrump should not be the most likely presidential candidate, yet he has the number of delegates necessary for nomination. Why?

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Memorial Day serves as a reminder that “beneath the beauty of the lilies lies the ugliness of war.” The James Carroll metaphor perfectly captures the deepest meaning of war, and of all the things lost because of it.

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It’s important for veterans to speak out and share their experiences, for they are the evidence that we have failed at making the United States and our world a better place to live.

Source: Perspectives: Ron Kovic’s Memory of War

freedom_of_choiceSenator Bernie Sanders represents a clear and present danger to corporate monetary excesses because he intends to rein in their extravagance. Elections are rigged by political parties, media, corporations, and by wealthy individuals so that candidates like Sanders don’t win the nomination because they don’t want to change a system that benefits them.

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UntitledPerpetuating more violence is not the way to conquer terrorism. Eliminating poverty and social inequality, providing education and opportunity, and imbuing a respect for human rights is the only way.

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1934505_1004570029598001_6652259850590790735_n (1).pngThe protecting vital interest phrase is standard rhetoric Presidents use to justify invasions and military occupations of other countries. It’s essentially a vote for the perpetuation of America’s wars. #BernieSanders uses it, but has a different meaning.

Continue reading here: Perspectives: Bernie Sanders: “Defending America’s Vital Strategic Interest”


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